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A Writing Project on the Past Lives of Antiques


I once read a date suggestion that seemed unique: go to an antiques store and ponder the past lives of what you find.

So, dear reader, consider taking on this challenge:

Find an antique shop and discover a piece that really speaks to you. Immediately decamp to a coffee shop, library or other nearby place and write a piece of fiction about the object.

The story can be short or long, pure fiction, sci-fi or any other genre. You can take a photo of the piece to revisit while you’re writing.

Who owned this piece? How did they obtain it? What did they do with it? How did it end up in this antique store? Let your imagination run wild.

Consider this a stretch of your creative muscles, a new way of shopping, or just a micro-adventure to enjoy.



Prepare for Thanksgiving


For many of us without significant others (only our significant selves), Thanksgiving can be a bit awkward. Around the dinner table, you could get questions from family about who you’re seeing, or you could run into old flames. You could find yourself flying solo for the holiday or receive invitations from friends or coworkers.

Take some time to prepare for Thanksgiving. Visualize the best version of what could happen and “practice” the visualization multiple times.

Maybe you need a witty comeback for the sardonic aunt or uncle who’s always prying into your personal life. Or maybe you want to have a heartfelt conversation with your gram or gramp about their lives before each other.

You could plan to accept or decline certain invitations for next week. And you can even plan some treats (or, elaborate adventures!) for yourself so you don’t feel like there’s celebration lacking in your holiday celebrations.

Don’t let Thanksgiving overwhelm you, no matter your plans. Take a hold of the holiday and make of it what you will.

Laugh It Up


This Dating Yourself (DY) Friday, laugh it up. Find a comedy show and put it on your calendar. With any luck, you’ll find something this weekend, but even if it’s a few weeks from now, commit to some live comedy in your life.

If your scene is totally devoid of local, live comedic talent, check the listings for a larger city. Or, find a comedy movie playing on the big screen, even if it’s a genre you don’t normally consider.


Like a Tourist


Experience your town like a tourist. Take a walking or bicycle tour. Follow the directions of a self-guided historical or architectural tour.

For a full weekend of activities, Google your state, town or city tourism commission and request a tourism guide.

Writing Longhand

Write to a friend, even if it’s a friend from just down the block.  Letters don’t have to be long or laborious. Grab some colorful stationery and jot off a two-pager, a postcard, or a card with a funny picture on the front.

Art Hopping

Participate in “art hops,” if your city has them. Or plot three or four galleries and visit them all in one afternoon.

Dining Alone

Go out to dinner.  Alone.  Don’t worry about it.

It may seem rare, maybe even unthinkable to some, to suggest dining alone, but it can be an enjoyable experience.

Here’s how: take your time ordering; choose a meal you really want.  People-watch or daydream while you’re waiting for your drink and food.  Savor the flavor and eat slowly.

A number of acquaintances and co-workers have looked puzzled or even horrified when I’ve talked about going out to eat  – and they discover I went out alone.  These are often married women, although sometimes a single woman.  I wonder, if you can’t go out to eat alone, how in the world do you try new restaurants if you’re single?  Or what do you do when the hubby doesn’t want to go out?

Don’t limit yourself waiting for a dinner date!

If you need to ease into this DY tip, try these steps:

  • Go out to coffee alone.
  • At a cafe or restaurant, take a book or magazine with you.
  • When meeting friends at a restaurant, arrive 15-20 minutes early (if the place isn’t busy) and see how those few minutes feel, knowing full-well that your friends will arrive soon.
  • Try quicker restaurants before seated dining establishments.
  • Work your way up to a very nice restaurant, and treat yourself.
photo by: malias

Get off(line)!

Get offline!  Although many folks have had success with online dating services, and lots enjoy networked gaming or chat rooms, and many of us connect through blogs, Facebook, and e-mail, there’s a whole big wide real world out there.

Go for a walk.  Go to a bookstore.  Go to a bar or restaurant.  You don’t even have to meet people, but be open to the possibility!


photo by: iamuday

Lunch Notes

Pack a lunch for yourself.  Put a special note or card in there to uplift your spirits later in the day.

photo by: Lizard10979

Clean Sheets

A friend of mine suggested this DY Friday:

Put clean sheets on the bed as often as you want!

She loves the feel of clean, crisp sheets.  But, before we talked about dating yourself, she’d only change the sheets on a regular schedule and when company was over.  So clean sheets were a treat, but it was a treat she’d turned into a routine or saved for company.

Don’t do that!  Treat yourself well and treat yourself often!

photo by: shellac