Prepare for Thanksgiving


For many of us without significant others (only our significant selves), Thanksgiving can be a bit awkward. Around the dinner table, you could get questions from family about who you’re seeing, or you could run into old flames. You could find yourself flying solo for the holiday or receive invitations from friends or coworkers.

Take some time to prepare for Thanksgiving. Visualize the best version of what could happen and “practice” the visualization multiple times.

Maybe you need a witty comeback for the sardonic aunt or uncle who’s always prying into your personal life. Or maybe you want to have a heartfelt conversation with your gram or gramp about their lives before each other.

You could plan to accept or decline certain invitations for next week. And you can even plan some treats (or, elaborate adventures!) for yourself so you don’t feel like there’s celebration lacking in your holiday celebrations.

Don’t let Thanksgiving overwhelm you, no matter your plans. Take a hold of the holiday and make of it what you will.


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