Play Hookie, Take a Weekday Brunch

Brunch. Photo courtesy of @basheertome

Why do we save brunch for Sunday?

I can’t come up with a good reason, so give this a try: call in to work, use a personal day, and take yourself to brunch on a weekday.

The mental health day will do you good, unless you’re stressing out about work while you’re at brunch. Don’t do that. Either take a day you can spare without stress, or give yourself full permission to enjoy playing hookie.

Go to a restaurant or cafe – your favorite, one you’ve always wanted to visit, or even one out-of-town – and build your own brunch. Order some small breakfast items, and slowly transition to lunch-like items. Order coffee, juice or a mimosa!

It may help to bring a book or journal or friend on this adventure. Doing brunch on a weekday isn’t the most normal thing…but who wants to live the most normal life anyway?


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