Go to the Hardware Store

Hardware store

This may be one of my strangest suggestions for a DY Friday yet, but bear with me.

Today, or this weekend, take yourself to the nearest hardware store. When the salesperson asks if you need help, just say “No thank you” or “I’m just looking.”

Then, wander every aisle.

If you’re normally comfortable in hardware stores, or a DIY kind of gal, use this opportunity to slow down a bit and just imagine all of the projects each tool and gadget could support.

If you’re not normally comfortable in hardware stores, use this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with tools and gadgets and orient yourself to what aisles of hardware go where in the store.

This may not be a romantic DY idea, but think of it as a creative and imaginative quest. Challenge yourself to think of 3 ways each gadget might be used in widely different areas of life. Or, find something – which you don’t have to buy – for each room of your home. At the very least, you’re developing competence in a domain many women avoid.

When you’ve given this a shot, let me know – in the comments below – how long you spent in the hardware store and what you found.

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