Leave yourself love notes

Love notes Photo @lilivanili

Leave yourself love notes.

Do this on your:

  • bathroom mirror
  • front door
  • refrigerator
  • over the kitchen sink
  • by your bed
  • at your desk
  • as you screensaver
  • in your task list
  • on windows
  • in your car

A few specific examples:

Before leaving for vacation, write a note that says “You look fabulous and well-rested! Glad to have you back!” Create a screensaver with this message, write it on a sticky note and leave it in a drawer, or be bold and put it right on your computer monitor.

If you buy yourself a decadent/healthy treat the next time you’re at the grocery store, write this note on it: “I know these are your favorite – bought them just for you!” Put this note on the yummies and put them in the fridge or freezer.

Even though you know you put these notes there, you’ll still get a kick out of them when you see them. Plus, BONUS: you’re sending covert messages to yourself that you are valued, cherished and loved!


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