An Annual Letter to Yourself

Letter to Yourself

Since 2003, I’ve written a letter to myself that I don’t open until 12 months later. In the letter, I reflect on the previous letter, the previous year, and what I hope for the next year.

The letters are always personal: I’m literally addressing a future version of myself who is both the same as who I am now and also very different. It’s awkward that first year, but it’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done for myself.

Consider writing a letter to yourself one year from now. Tell her who you are, what you’ve been through this year, and what you hope she’s like in the future. Sign it, seal it, and put a date on the envelope 12 months from now. Put it in a place you’ll remember – mark the date on your calendar to make it even easier to remember.

The letter can be any length. It can be long and detailed, a confessional or timeline, or even short and sweet, just a note to the future you.

Check in with me next year and let me know how this goes.  🙂


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