Real Cities for Real Women

Real cities

There’s a new round of “Best Cities for Single Women” lists going around, but I LOVED this response from Refinery29, “a new-media brand for smart, creative and stylish women everywhere.”

“The REAL List of The Best Cities for Single Women” starts like this:

“Why do the “Best Cities for Single Women” lists always put the availability of single men as their top deciding factor? Man-snagging isn’t everyone’s number-one priority, and don’t even get us started on how unhelpful these lists are for queer gals.”

Then, author Alden Wicker, goes on to articulate a REAL list of criteria that should be used in determining how awesome a city is for single women, including the gender wage gap, women in managerial positions, access to family planning, health, and 8 other criteria.

Read “The REAL List of The Best Cities for Single Women.”

Is your favorite city a real city for women?

What other criteria would you add to their list?


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