Choices after Retirement

Here’s a pretty thorough article on “Where Single Women Might Want to Retire” from  I love that it covers intentional communities, buying vs renting, retirement communities, homesharing, volunteer/living, lesbian communities, RV living and even “hangar homes” that are connected to airports (how cool?!).The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement

There’s a growing culture of travel and nomadic living for younger people, but many partnered women live full-time where their partner lives and/or, in a move, have to negotiate the needs of a relationship in deciding where to live.  (Let me also say that there are plenty of older long-distance relationships and couples who travel full-time together or live very adventurous lives.)

But for some women, finding themselves single from a divorce or the death of a spouse or facing retirement presents all kinds of choices – maybe for the first time – on where to live.

In this article, Kerry Hannon interviews Jan Cullinane, author of The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement:



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