Optimism Unbridled

“Like many brides to be, Anita Chakraburtty is busy planning her Sydney wedding next April. What sets her apart is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, let alone a fiance. But she is convinced she will find a husband before the wedding day.”

“Here Comes the Single Bridezilla” by Sandy Smith at the Sydney Morning Herald



Okay, so I don’t really want to attack another woman.  She’s being so optimistic and hopeful that it’s endearing and, really, who am I to say anything about how she should live her life?

Chakraburtty might derive great pleasure from planning her wedding, spending her money on it and reveling in the delight of her big day.  And maybe she will meet her partner – especially with all of this media coverage!  But I worry and care about her well-being if things don’t work out the way she’s planning them for next April.

So here’s my wish for her: Plan your big day for You.  And if you have someone to meet you at the end of the aisle next spring, wonderful!  And if you don’t, continue with the wedding and set it up totally different: walk through and around your gathered family and friends.  Wear white to celebrate your optimism.  And take vows to continue living life on your own terms.  Then wed yourself to your Self, your family, your community and to Love.

I could toast to that!


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